Password Help
For your protection, FedEx has developed the following security guidelines for your Login:

• Password must be at least 8 characters or more

    Valid Password: Happy2Day
    Invalid Password: ab2cd

• Password must contain at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter and one numeric character

    Valid Password: Happy2day, Happy2day2
    Invalid Password: sohappy, 12345678

• Passwords are case sensitive. For example, if you create your Password as Happy2Day, then you must always type it in as Happy2Day with a capital H and capital D.

    Valid Password: Happy2day, Happy2day2
    Invalid Password: sohappy, 12345678

• Password cannot contain Company Name, First Name, Last Name or Email Address Sample registration:

     First Name:  Jane
     Last Name:  Doe
     Company Name:  FedEx
     Account Number:  123456789
     Email Address:

    Valid Password: JD1234Fed, jand789Ex
    Invalid Password: Afedex1jane,

• password can have no more than three occurrences of the same character in a row.

    Valid password: abc222a, aaa222A
    Invalid password: abc2222a, aaaa222A

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