FedEx InSight ®
FedEx InSight online requests will be sent to your sales representative and approval may take several days. Once your request has been approved, you will be able to view your shipments without providing a tracking number or reference number and much more. Please note: Shipments already in transit prior to approval will not be visible.

If you would like to view existing shipments already in transit and don't know the tracking number, please go to Alternate Reference Tracking.

Features and Benefits

After you are approved for InSight, you will be able to use this free service to:

  • Track without a tracking or reference number
  • Receive proactive shipment notifications
  • Monitor all of your shipments


  • InSight will display current status on all shipments matched to your account number and/or address.
  • Monitor all your shipments through reliable status updates for all incoming, outgoing, and third party shipments.
  • Receive immediate notifications about clearance delays, attempted deliveries, proofs of delivery, and more- via email, Internet, or wireless.


  • Save time by eliminating the need to track each package separately
  • Provide current status information if a shipment is delayed to avoid customer complaints
  • More efficiently plan manufacturing or distribution resources with proactive delay notifications, thereby decreasing costs


Registered InSight users login here.


Getting Started

Review the InSight Registration Checklist, then register for InSight.


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