Schedule a Pickup

FedEx will send a courier to your place of business to pick up your
packages for shipment.

Schedule a Pickup

Please contact Customer Service on the day of the pickup and have the following information ready when you call:

  • Your Account Number
  • Your package weight
  • Your requested pickup time

Cancel or Reschedule a Pickup

Contact Customer Service to cancel a pickup or to re-schedule your pickup request.


Prepare Your Shipment for Pickup

  1. Check Your Packaging
    Determine the package dimensions. If you are using your own packaging, please make sure that it is sturdy enough to protect your shipment.

  2. Find the Total Weight
    Determine the package weight. There is a limit of 68 kg (150 lb) for FedEx Express shipments.

  3. Get Ready for Pickup
    Make sure your shipment is ready at least one hour before your company's closing time.

Additional Information