FedEx Delivery ManagerSM

Deliveries on your schedule.

Change our plans, not yours. Built to make your life easier, FedEx Delivery Manager gives you the power to customize your home deliveries to fit your busy life.

Deliveries on your schedule.

Reschedule your incoming residential deliveries so they arrive when it's convenient for you. The Schedule Your Delivery feature makes it easy, just pick the date and time range that works best. So keep your plans and change ours - deliveries have never been more convenient.

FedEx Deliveries

The benefits in action.

See how FedEx Delivery Manager helps put deliveries in your hands — when and where you want them.

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Explore the features of FedEx Delivery Manager.

Be part of the plan — request a new delivery location or time, hold your package at a FedEx location, sign for your package in advance, provide specific delivery instructions or request a vacation hold.

  • Schedule Your Delivery

    Get your package on your time, not ours. Let us know a delivery date and/or time that works for you.

  • Deliver to Another Address

    We're flexible; request to change your package's delivery location with the click of a button.

  • Hold at FedEx Location

    Ask us to hold your package for you. Select a convenient staffed FedEx location nearby.

  • Sign for a Package

    Know you're not going to be there? Sign for your delivery in advance and authorize FedEx to deliver it, even if you are not home.

  • Provide Delivery Instructions

    Keep us in the loop; give specific instructions for all deliveries to your home address.

  • Request Vacation Hold

    Whether you're at the beach or the in-laws', you can choose a range of dates to suspend all deliveries to your home address.

Explore your delivery options.

Discover how FedEx Delivery Manager is built to make your life easier.

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Convenience made mobile.

Get your favorite suite of home delivery options on your smartphone with the FedEx® Mobile app. Download it today to set your delivery preferences and customize deliveries from virtually anywhere.

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Quickly and easily change delivery times and addresses. With FedEx Delivery Manager, deliveries are now in your hands.