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FedEx International Controlled Export (FICE)

Service is now applicable for FedEx International Priority®, FedEx International Priority® Freight, and FedEx International Priority DirectDistribution® services. It supports your exports originating only from U.S. and Puerto Rico and streamlines your customs clearance for importing and exporting by initiating regulatory clearance while your shipments are en route. The FICE service expedites the clearance process, facilitates faster delivery, and reduces the risk of customs delays.

FedEx Ship Manager Server Data Analytics

Captures and logs your data usage on any component or feature, which is related to the installation, environment and usage of the application.

The captured statistics will pave a better way to optimize the FedEx Ship Manager Server application and enrich your shipping experience without any disruption.

Dry Ice Shipment to Package Level Update

Enables you to ship dry ice at the package level for both international and non-U.S. domestic shipments, thereby providing the most accurate dangerous goods information and making your dangerous goods shipments more compliant with the regulations.

SmartPost Delcons Enhancement

SmartPost Delivery Confirmation Number enhancement enables smoother SmartPost experience with the faster recycling of delivery confirmation numbers so as to minimize the risk of running out of delivery confirmation numbers.

Ability to choose FedEx OnSite Locations

Provide customers the convenience of package dropoff and pickup at non-FedEx-owned locations with extended hours and secured package storage.

FedEx Freight®

Shipments now allocate unique tracking numbers and produce FedEx enterprise labels for each of the shipment units such as pallets, crates, and barrels.

Loose Dry Ice Dangerous Goods (FedEx® DG Ready)

Enhancements enable you to use the loose dry ice as a coolant in an overpack.

Label Sizes Update

Supports additional PDF label sizes 4”x6.75”, 4”x8”, and 4”x9” to print the PDF images on a thermal printer.

TransEdit Update

Offers several additional special service options to effectively customize and manage your shipments.

Language Update

Enables you to select Spanish language as the preferred language at the time of installation. If selected, FedEx Ship Manager Server displays all the installation and End User License Agreement screens in Spanish for your convenience.

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