Special Services

Alcohol Shipping

Before you process shipments containing alcohol, review the following information:

·        You must sign a FedEx Alcohol Shipping Agreement prior to shipping. Contact your FedEx account executive to start the enrollment process.

·        You must identify alcohol shipments in the description. This applies to all pieces in a multiple piece shipment and must be done for the first pieces in the shipment.

Note: If Alcohol special service is not specified for the first package in the shipment, but is specified for a subsequent package in the shipment, then the transaction will fail for all pieces.

·        Common carriers, such as FedEx Express® and FedEx Ground® must report alcohol shipping activity to state authorities on a regular basis. For this reason, shippers must notify FedEx of each shipment containing alcohol via their electronic FedEx shipping solution and by applying FedEx alcohol shipping labels and by attaching an extra Alcohol sticker (which will reflect the verbiage ’Alcohol’) to each package. You can get these stickers from your FedEx Sales Account Executive.

·        FedEx will assign the Adult Signature Required signature option to the package (ship, rate, and email return transactions).

·        State law, as well as FedEx policy, requires an adult signature at the time of delivery for every package containing alcohol. It is the shipper’s responsibility to ensure an adult is available to sign for the shipment at delivery. If a shipper fails to follow the procedures outlined herein, the shipment will be deemed undeliverable. Violations may result in suspension or termination of your FedEx account.

·        FedEx is managing and maintaining alcohol shipper information and FedEx carrier (OpCo) information to prevent the entry of unauthorized packages from approved alcohol shippers into the FedEx Express and Ground networks through Automation controls. This effort is designed to assist FedEx in meeting regulatory obligations and allow the company to respond more quickly to regulatory changes.

For more information about alcohol shipping, go to fedex.com/us/wine/gettingstarted.html.

FedEx accepts shipments of alcohol (beer, wine, and spirits) within the U.S. and for both U.S. import and export when the shipper and the recipient are licensed to import and/or export alcohol.

For more detailed information about the services offered by FedEx, see the electronic FedEx Service Guide.