Duties and Taxes

Why do I have to pay Duty and Tax?

You may not have been expecting to receive a Duty and Tax Invoice so we’ve put together some Frequently Asked Questions to help you understand what these charges include. If you have any further questions, please contact Customer Service on 0800 123 800.

What is Duty and Tax and why should I pay?

What is Duty and Tax?
Customs Duty is a tax charged on all products shipped from outside of the EU. Controlled by Austrian customs. The purpose of Duty is to bring the cost of imported goods up to the same cost as those produced within the EU to keep competition fair.

Who has to pay?
The person or business receiving the shipment is legally obliged to pay Duty unless the sender has agreed to accept these charges in the contract of sale.

What is the clearance administration charge?
FedEx pays the Duty and Tax charges on your behalf to ensure we can deliver your shipment as quickly as possible. This incurs an administration fee (Advancement Fee)

What if I have already paid Duty and Tax?

I paid Tax when I purchased this item
Goods purchased from outside of Austria may be subject to tax charges from the originating country/territory. This does not relieve the payment of import duties on importation.

I pre-paid Duty and Tax charges before delivery
At the time of import, you may be charged an estimated figure. This is calculated prior to an assessment of your shipment. If the estimate is lower than the final charge you will be required to pay the difference, and if it is higher we will refund the difference.

If the amount of your invoice is different to the amount you pre-paid, please call Customer Service on 0800 123 800.

I believe the shipper paid for all charges relating to this shipment
Duty and Tax charges are not assessed until the shipment enters Austria. If your shipper has advised they have paid FedEx for these charges, this usually relates to the payment they have made for transportation charges and not Duty or Tax.

I don’t think this shipment should incur Duties and Taxes

I am a temporary visitor to Austria
We offer the so-called "travel goods" clearance: When you present your passport, define the duration of your stay, and present a certificate that these are your personal items, your shipment will be cleared free of any duties. This only calls for a special handling fee of € 69.00 excluding VAT.

I purchased my goods online
The prices advertised on websites outside of the EU often do not include Austria Duty. This can make products appear cheaper when compared to Austria or EU prices.

The shipment is a gift
Items up to € 45,00 in value that meet the following criteria are not liable for import charges:

  • The sender must be a private individual and the consignee must take delivery at a private address.
  • The gift must be sent free of charge and be of an ‘occasional nature’.
  • The word “gift” must be marked on the Air Waybill and commercial invoice.
  • All items must be itemised with their own full description and value.

Please note that items containing alcohol and tobacco will incur Excise Duty. Items containing food may need to have additional documentation and be subject to further checks which could result with additional charges.

The shipment contains samples
The shipment contains samples Samples can be imported to Austria without Duty or Tax charges as long as they meet the special conditions. More information you will find on the Austria Customs homepage.

What if I no longer want the shipment?

How do I reject the shipment?
Please contact Customer Service on 0800 123 800.

All claims must be made before the goods are returned or destroyed.

You will need to pay any Duties and Taxes to FedEx, and process a claim directly with main customs office to reject your shipment.

Where can I find more information

More information about Duties and Taxes

Visit the Website of the Austria Customs homepage

Consumer advice about products sold by companies outside of Austria

For information regarding movement of goods please visit the homepage of BMF of Austria

I have a general invoice or account enquiry

Contact us using the contact form

How can I avoid delays at customs clearance and clearance administration charge for high-value shipments?

Having your own deferment account ensures your high-value shipments are cleared quickly, helping you to work more efficiently while saving time and money.

How and where do I apply for a deferment account?

You can find the required pre-conditions and a guide on how to apply for being granted a payment deferment account at www.bmf.gv.at

What are the benefits from an own deferment account?

An own deferment accounts means that no further credit checks, particularly those for high-value shipments, are required. With your own deferment account

  • your goods can be cleared and delivered more quickly
  • the applicable costs are always invoiced on the 16th of the following month
  • this means that you receive an interest-free payment deferment of up to 45 days
  • advancement fees are no longer charged.
  • there is only one accounting procedure per month, no matter how many import shipments you have.

When is an EV entry possible?
If you as a company are authorized to perform a complete input tax deduction, there is the possibility to enter the import sales tax against input VAT directly and cashless via your VAT ID number (UID). This is only possible at the time of clearance and cannot be applied for retroactively. Please find details on this in the Power of Attorney enclosed.

Download Power of Attorney now ►

How to Pay

  • Direct Debit

Direct Debit

Paying by Direct Debit is an easy and convenient way to service your FedEx account. Usually invoices will be debited from the specified banking account 30 days after your invoice date of invoice.

SEPA Direct Debit Mandate

Call +43 (0) 800 123 800 for more information

  • Credit Card

Credit Card

We're pleased to accept payment by all major credit. We offer three options:

  1. Link your card to your account for automated future payments,
  2. Pay your invoices online via FedEx Billing Online, or
  3. Call FedEx to pay over the phone. Remember, never send your card details by email or in any other written form either to FedEx or anyone else.

Call +43 (0) 800 123 800 for more information

  • Electronic Bank Transfer (EFT)

Electronic Bank Transfer (EFT)

Transfer money from your bank to ours, exactly when you want. It’s the perfect option if you want to save time and simplify payment processing.

To make a payment by EFT please submit your payment to the following:

Account Name: Federal Express Europe Inc.
Bank: Raiffeisen Bank International AG
IBAN number: AT22 3100 0001 0068 0017

When making an EFT transfer please ensure you quote your invoice number or when paying multiple invoices include your customer number to ensure prompt and accurate allocation, alternatively send a remittance advice to:
E-mail: billat@fedex.com
Fax: +43 1 7007 32158

All information is correct at time publication and Federal Express Europe Inc accept no responsibility for information relating to third party contact details changing without prior notice. HM Revenue and Customs make the final decision on all imports. Terms and conditions regarding your Federal Express Europe Inc invoice are printed on the reverse of the invoice.