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A small parcel, or heavy cargo? A destination in Belgium or beyond? Urgent, or not so urgent? FedEx always has the right solution. Our people make sure of it. That's why, in the past year and a half, we've added another 3,600 employees to our European team.

Our ongoing growth in Europe offers FedEx customers numerous advantages:

  • more options

  • later pickup times

  • more frequent before-noon deliveries

  • faster transit times in Europe and worldwide

More locations in Europe

More locations in Europe

With 100 new locations opened in the past 18 months, our extensive air and ground network allows you to make same-day deliveries to even more European markets. Next-day delivery *is now available to over 20 million companies. But even when the destination is further afield, you can count on FedEx and the world's largest express network for reliable, efficient delivery.

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More service options

More service options

Whether it's urgent or not, heavy or light, for domestic delivery, within Europe or beyond - the choice is yours. Whatever your delivery needs, there's always a FedEx service to meet them. What's more, we are constantly improving and expanding our portfolio of products and services so that we can offer even more choices in line with your specific business requirements.

The launch of our domestic service for Belgium is just one example of our recent efforts.

Acquisitions in France and Poland

Acquisitions in France and Poland

Investments in 2012 have put FedEx in an excellent position to develop and grow our activities in many new markets. Take, for example, the recent acquisitions of Tatex in France and Opek in Poland. These acquisitions have considerably expanded our network, giving a major boost to our presence and capacities in these important markets. The result is even better service for our customers.

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*Transit times may vary according to place of collection and destination. Please check with Customer Service.