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  • FedEx: 10 years of Best Place To Work in Belgium

FedEx: 10 years of Best Place To Work in Belgium

The ranking in the GPTW Belgium is determined by 2 elements: a combination of an employee questionnaire and a cultural audit - in which FedEx provides the GPTW Institute with information on all HR practices, policies, and activities that make FedEx a Great Place to Work. Over the past 10 years and since the first participation in the Great Places to Work Belgium in 2005, FedEx has consistently earned a placement in the top 10. Moreover, FedEx is again the only transport company in Belgium to make it to the top 10.

The results also show some areas where we can still improve. These are points that FedEx consider as very important and FedEx will be looking into action plans to stop the downward trend. At the same time, a very positive takeaway is that there is a further increase in FedEx Management trust. It is also very rewarding to see an increase on the statements: ‘Employees have special and unique benefits ‘, ‘FedEx celebrates special events’ and ‘FedEx facilities contribute to a good working environment’.

And lastly the consistent high satisfaction score (94.5%) attributed to the statement ‘People are treated fairly regardless of their ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation or sex’ is an embracement of our diversity, one of our main FedEx People values. We are very pleased with these outstanding results!

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