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  • FedEx opened nearly one new station per week over past 30 months

FedEx opened nearly one new station per week over past 30 months

FedEx Express has reached a significant milestone in its European growth programme – which has involved business expansion and acquisitions and started in October 2011 – by opening its 100th new station in Seville, southern Spain. Reaching this milestone means that FedEx opened the equivalent of nearly one new station per week over the last 30 months. As a result, over 3,600 team members have been added across Europe and intra-country services have been rolled out in 13 countries, including Belgium.

FedEx Express has launched the second phase of its European growth programme – to go beyond physical infrastructure investments and focus on optimising all the capabilities that are now in place. We want to provide more solutions for our customers, backed by our commitment to quality and customer experience to help customers realize their own business aspirations. FedEx customers in Europe are benefiting from to a wide range of services, including FedEx Express next-business-day deliveries to and from Europe or deliveries in two days for main intercontinental destinations Coupled with the new intra-country services, FedEx is offering a one stop shop for businesses to effectively reach both local and international markets.

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