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  • Macedonia benefits from simplified EU trade rules

Macedonia benefits from simplified EU trade rules

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Common transit convention simplifies customs formalities between Macedonia and other EU countries

The Republic of Macedonia has just joined the European Union (EU) common transit convention as well as the EU convention to simplify customs formalities.

With immediate effect, all imports and exports between the Republic of Macedonia and all the various Member States of the EU plus Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey now benefit from the application of simplified customs formalities in each of the countries concerned.

In particular shippers can now use common transit documents T1 or T2 for the passage of their goods between these countries.

Details of the two EU Council Decisions relating to the introduction of these simplified customs procedures were published in the Official Journal of the European Union N° L 132 of 29th May. You can read the full text of these new regulations via these links:

Council Decision No. 2015/835

Council Decision No. 2015/836

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