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  • Take a peek behind the scenes at FedEx

Take a peek behind the scenes at FedEx

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For you and your customers it’s essential that your documents, packages and freight always arrive safely and on time, wherever you ship them.

And it’s down to the skill, experience and commitment of everyone at FedEx to provide you with the highest quality of service that makes this all happen. So take a few moments to read the following interviews with three of our team members to gain some insight into the pride and passion they take in working on your behalf.

Lise – Customs Clearance Agent
"My primary responsibility is to clear goods coming from countries/territories outside Europe for customs, so I have to classify them and complete a declaration that complies with customs regulations. We declare computer products, high tech and mechanical goods and even more uncommon items like animal cells on their way to scientists for cancer, genetic and chronic disease research. Years of work have gone into their research so we have to do absolutely everything in our power to make sure that the scientists receive these packages as quickly as possible. In addition to that time-sensitive kind of freight, we also handle valuable works of art and, really, a little bit of everything. It’s my job to give my customers all the information they need to import products. And, the quicker I am, the better it is for them."

José – Courier
I deliver envelopes and packages to individuals and companies using an all-electric van. The most important thing, I believe, is to be on time. People use FedEx because they know we’re always fast and on time. I also deliver to law firms and television stations and they really value what I do because, when they need a part for one of their cameras, I can get it to them quickly. The most unusual package I ever delivered was a wooden crate with a marble bust inside. And it was very heavy. It was the last stop on my route and I called one of my coworkers to come help me out. I could tell you lots of stories. I have made deliveries to river barges and delivered packages to celebrities like soccer players and many other famous people. One of my customers is even a prince. Whenever I pick up or deliver a package to him, he pats me on the back, smiles and greets me by name in heavily accented English because he’s always very happy to see me."

Audrey – Customer Service Agent
It’s my responsibility to take calls from both companies and individual customers. They request information about delivery times, prices for national and international shipping, and the customs documentation required for international freight. I have to assess their needs very quickly, be thorough and provide accurate information. For example, if there is even one small detail missing from the shipping docs, a customer’s package may be held up somewhere. If a customer wants to ship perfume, which is classified as a hazardous substance, I am their first contact and give them all the information they need to get it done. The main reason I work in this field is that I love to help people. When I take a call, I speak to the customer the way I would like to be spoken to. In other words, I give the customer as much detailed information as possible, I do it efficiently and I always do it with a smile on my face.”

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