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Choose FedEx to deliver your time-sensitive, important shipments to and from over 220 countries and territories world-wide. Import or export, express or less urgent, small packages or heavyweight, FedEx has the service you need.

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FedEx Shipping Tools

FedEx Ship Manager™ at

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FedEx Ship Manager™ at is designed with the frequent shipper that needs to send several packages. It has all the features of FedEx Ship Manager Lite with the additional benefits plus integrated customers documentation, multiple packages in one shipment, freight shipments (above 68 kgs), an address book that holds up to 2500 recipients, and shipping history and reporting.

With this tool, you are going to save time and reduce administration, store frequently used shipping information, and the added peace of mind of access to reports and shipping history.

  • FedEx account
  • Registration required (one-time)
  • All types of shipments including Freight (shipments above 68 kgs)

Get started with FedEx Ship Manager™ at today!

FedEx Ship Manager Lite

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FedEx Ship Manager Lite is the perfect tool for the new or infrequent shipper that is looking for the simplicity and a little guidance. We will take you through the shipping process in 4 simple steps without requiring you to login. We also provide you the opportunity to get rates and transit times, schedule a pickup and receive automated status notifications. Click here to start shipping with FedEx Ship Manager Lite today!

  • FedEx account
  • No login required
  • Shipments up to 68 kgs (Brazil shipments up to 30 kgs)

Click here to start shipping with FedEx Ship Manager Lite today!

FedEx Ship Manager® Software

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FedEx Ship Manager® Software is a new cutting edge tool for managing all your FedEx shipments. It’s fast, easy to use and takes only minutes to install. FedEx Ship Manager® Software stores all your important addresses so you can create professional looking shipping labels quickly. Our software even creates customs documents for international shipping. If you like you can even have the software automatically send an email when the shipment has been sent, delivered, or delayed.


No need to type and retype shipping information. We make shipping fast and easy by storing important shipment information like Sender and Recipient addresses. You can also save common box dimensions and commodity information for international shipping.

FedEx ShipAlert® proof of delivery (POD) email notification

Creates shipment, delivery, and package delay email notifications for you or anyone you choose.

Obtain estimated Rates and Transit Times

Get a rate quote and see transit times for the different FedEx services.

Creates Customs documentation

Automatically create customs documentation like the Commercial Invoice. You can even use your own logo. You can create your own customs documentation if you prefer and we can submit them to customs electronically for free!

Creates clear professional looking shipping labels

Hand written paper Air Waybills can be hard to read. Shipping labels created by FedEx Ship Manager® Software are always legible and professional looking.


Track your shipments and even download the signature of the person who received it.

Schedule a pickup

No regular pickup? No problem. Forget the phone and use the Schedule a Pickup feature.

Create customizable reports

Need a report that shows who shipped what to where? Build reports that contains the information you need.

Click here to request

FedEx Ship Manager® Server

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FedEx Ship Manager® Server is a free tool for high-volume shippers, FedEx Ship Manager® Server lets you fully integrate FedEx services into your existing IT system and shipping process, so you can streamline your supply chain and relevant data with ease. You can run FedEx Ship Manager® Server on a local client or integrate the application with your current shipping operations, bringing the power of FedEx services to your shipping station for local and worldwide deliveries.

OpenShip print-as-you-go

Keeps a shipment ‘open,’ entering information as it is received and closing only when the shipment is finalized. Labels can be printed as you create, add and edit packages.

FedEx ShipAlert® proof of delivery (POD) email notification

Generates email delivery notifications and provides them to end customers.

Standard rates

Reconciles and provides FedEx Ground shipping rates on the day the rates are effective. Shipments can be rated with both discount and standard rates.

Auto configuration

New meters are issued when software is installed, eliminating the meter registration process.

Customized shipping information

Displays available shipping services by location.

Multiple shipments

Bundles to a single location and assigns a lower rate as available.

Activity reports

Generates daily shipping activity reports, including:

  • End-of-Day Transaction
  • Courier
  • Customer Invoice
  • Shipment
Shipping labels

Prepares labels for U.S. domestic, U.S. export, intra-Mexico, and international shipments.

Quick cancellation

Cancels scheduled shipments easily.

Package status tracking

Generates package tracking numbers, which can be provided to end customers.

FedEx Web Services

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FedEx Web Services will help your customers’ ship more seamlessly via FedEx — directly from your website or business application. No matter your business type or size, our portfolio of web integration solutions lets you easily offer dynamic shipping-related services directly from your website and internal business applications. Streamline your workload and improve your business process with minimal time and investment. Simply plug in one of our web integration solutions and connect with the power of FedEx.

Getting Started With FedEx Web Services

It’s easy to get started with FedEx Web Services. Learn how to integrate dynamic FedEx® shipping capabilities into your website and provide your customers with a more powerful user experience. FedEx Web Services is powerful, easy to use and free – get started today!

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Integrate FedEx rates using FedEx Web Services

Introducing FedEx Web Services rating, an online rating solution for your integration needs. Learn how to get started with the rate Web Services Description Language (WSDL) and be on your way to providing detailed rating information for your business.

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Migrate your application to FedEx Web Services

FedEx is retiring the legacy FedEx Ship Manager® API (Application Programming Interface) and the FedEx Ship Manager® Direct automated shipping solutions. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to transition your legacy solution and take advantage of all the benefits that FedEx Web Services can offer your business.

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FedEx Web Integration Wizard

What is the FedEx Web Integration Wizard? And how does it work? Watch this helpful video to learn more about how your business can benefit from this quick and easy to use integration solution.

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Additional Online Tools

FedEx Advanced Tracking

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See more. Personalize more. Get more from your tracking — more easily.

With the new FedEx Advanced Tracking you can nickname your shipments, create a personal watch list, and filter shipments to see the details you want. It’s an all-new tracking experience that’s intuitive, that’s easy to use, and that gives you 24/7 access to information about your shipments.

Learn more about FedEx Tracking

Get Rates and Transit Times

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Use the Get Rates and Transit Times tool to compare rates and transit times for all available FedEx® services before you ship.

Click here for rates and transit times

Find a Location

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The FedEx Locator engine will automatically* find the nearest FedEx Location from your computer or mobile device. Manual search is also possible by typing an address, city name, zip code or even a landmark anywhere in the world, just like you would when using a search engine.

*If you share your location in your browser or mobile device.

Click here to find a location near you

FedEx Electronic Trade Documents

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Save time, paper, and money on international shipping when you complete and submit your customs documents online. FedEx Electronic Trade Documents eliminates the need for multiple copies and multiple steps. So, you experience simple customs clearance and peace of mind.

FedEx® Mobile

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With FedEx® Mobile solutions you can ship, track, schedule, and more when it’s convenient for you.

Learn more about FedEx® Mobile Solutions

Pickup Online

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With the “Schedule and Manage Pickups” tool, you can quickly and conveniently arrange for a FedEx® pickup of your shipments. Plus, you can access the “My Pickups” tool to view the records of your online pickup history, edit or cancel your pickup. This is speed at your fingertips.

*Please note that this service is available for shipments with packages up to 68kg each or 300kg in total shipment weight.

Learn how to use the online pickup tool

FedEx Billing Online

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Give yourself the insight and control you need, when you need it, with FedEx® Billing Online. This powerful online billing solution provides total transparency and control, meaning you not only know what went where and how much it cost, but also have the ability to dispute charges, download your invoice data, and make payments. It doesn’t matter if you handle 1,000 shipments a day or 10; FedEx Billing Online is an asset for every business.

Learn more about FedEx Billing Online