FedEx is committed to actively supporting the communities we serve through strategic investment of our people, resources and network. Our corporate resources include financial contributions in-kind charitable shipping services and volunteer services by our team members.

We have three core focus areas that our investments can impact in important and meaningful ways:


Across EMEA, FedEx Express offers financial support to the following charitable organizations


In the United Kingdom:



In France:


In Belgium:


In Germany:

In India:

In Italy:

Emergency and Disaster Relief

FedEx accepts applications from organizations that bring relief to victims of emergencies or natural disasters. Specifically, we direct our funds toward the quick and efficient transport of aid, and disaster preparedness education initiatives.

FedEx Express donated two air supply flights to UNICEF in repsonse to the famine in Somalia. Two Boeing 777F Aircraft of food aids carrying approximately 182 metrics tons of high nutrient food treating 6,000 severely malnourished children and providing fortified food for 4,000 families. The in-kind transporation was complemented by an emloyee donation drive.

Forward Response Centre Opens at CDG
FedEx Express announced the opening of Europe’s first humanitarian “Forward Response Centre” (FRC) at the FedEx Roissy-Charles De Gaulle hub. The center will facilitate the work of Heart to Heart International, a not-for-profit organization that specializes in volunteer action and worldwide humanitarian assistance. The FRC serves as a secure warehouse where medical and other emergency supplies can be safely stocked and quickly transported by FedEx Express when disaster strikes.

Shipment of Humanitarian Goods to Ethiopia
FedEx Express delivered approximately 4 tons of hygienic aid to refugee camps in southeast Ethiopia. The charitable initiative was organized in collaboration with Heart to Heart International and International Medical Corps with the aim of providing medical assistance to refugee families located in crowded displacement camps in the region.

Disaster Relief Shipment to Help Tsunami Victims in Japan
FedEx Express delivered 10 tons of disaster relief goods from Germany to Japan to assist victims from last year’s tsunami. The in-kind shipment donation involved collaboration with HumanPlus, a humanitarian organization based in Germany.

Child Pedestrian Safety

FedEx is interested in supporting organizations that help keep child pedestrians safe through increasing awareness and knowledge of pedestrian safety as an issue, helping change unsafe child pedestrian behaviors, and/or creating environmental improvements to keep child pedestrians safe in local communities.

FedEx supports Safe Kids Foundation
The Walk This Way program was created by Safe Kids Worldwide and FedEx worldwide in the in 1999 to promote pedestrian safety of children. Since 2007, FedEx Express supports Safe Kids in India. Safe Kids operates in Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmadabad.

Environmental Sustainability

FedEx prioritizes philanthropic and volunteer efforts that focus on environmental sustainability and are strategically aligned with our business goals. We are focusing our investments to create sustainable transportation solutions in the developing world, to preserve valuable ecosystems and to identify new ways to balance access to trade and investment with responsible environmental stewardship.

FedEx Express supports environmental organizations in EMEA:

  • Plant for the Planet is a worldwide initiative empowering children with environmental information and organizing tree planting. FedEx Express EMEA proudly supports children academies and tree planting events in Germany and across a select number of European countries.

  • FedEx Express announced a new collaboration to optimize bus operations in India with EMBARQ, a leading international not-for-profit organization dedicated for sustainable transport. FedEx provided $1.4 million over two years to EMBARQ to provide technical expertise on sustainable transportation projects in India, Brazil and Mexico to improve quality of life in those countries. In India, FedEx Express and EMBARQ will work to increase the technical capacity of city transport agencies to organize their bus systems.