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  • More electronic items subject to Indian controls

More electronic items subject to Indian controls

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In November 2014 the Indian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology added a further fifteen items to the list of electronic products requiring compulsory registration under the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Act. This list was in addition to the other fifteen commodities previously notified in September 2012.

We would like to remind you of the key registration requirements for such commodities, which include items such as mobile phones, smart card readers, point of sale terminals, and power adapters for IT equipment:

  • The manufacturer or shipper of electronic products into India must obtain the approval of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology as registered under the BIS Act prior to their importation.
  • The regulations covering the goods newly listed in November 2014 will come into force on 6th May 2015.
  • All such regulated goods should be marked with a self-declaration on each individual item as well as on any external product packaging.
  • The self-declaration must include (a) the Registration Number of the product concerned; and (b) the Indian Standard (IS) Number allotted to that specific commodity. “Self-declaration conforming to IS 13252:2010, R41002297 ” is an example of a valid, acceptable declaration.

It is especially important that foreign manufacturers applying for a registration number for their electronic products should ensure that they obtain an official letter from the BIS providing them with a valid registration number as well as related detailed instructions.

It is therefore essential that any companies planning to ship to or import such goods into India should make sure that they and their customers are fully aware of all these regulations. Failure to properly register relevant commodities will result in customs clearance delays and possible additional costs.

For information about the BIS, click on http://www.bis.org.in/cert/RegOverviev.asp

For further instructions concerning the BIS Certification process, click on http://www.bis.org.in/cert/prod_cert_scheme.as

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