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  • Venezuela announces new import regulations

Venezuela announces new import regulations

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The Venezuelan authorities have recently announced various important changes to their import regulations. Key aspects of these are as follows:

  • Any Broker Select Option (BSO) or Formal shipment (shipments with a customs declared value above USD 2000) will require a new Power of Attorney (POA) to be signed by the consignee if a valid POA is not already on file with customs. A POA will not be required for a shipment with a customs declared value of less than USD 2000 as long as it is not a BSO or Formal shipment.
  • Licenses or permits for the importation of commodities requiring such approvals must be issued at least 25 days before the date of arrival of the shipment concerned.
  • The following is the list of commodities and the types of permit concerned that have a higher tendency of being subject to licenses/permit controls:
    • SENCAMER Permit:
      • Used clothing if not part of a personal effects shipment
      • Finished textiles (also for samples that are not mutilated)
      • Footwear
      • Vehicles parts (e.g. windscreens, brake pads)
    • Sanitary Permit:
      • Food and beverages
      • Products containing items of animal or vegetable origin
      • Cosmetics
      • Pharmaceutical products
      • Medicine

We strongly advise exporters to ensure that prior to planning the shipment of any BSO/Formal shipments or commodities requiring a license/permit, they should ask their consignees in Venezuela to check that such shipments will fully comply with the new regulations. Consignments that do not meet these requirements may be delayed or refused clearance and returned at the shippers' expense. In addition, fines, penalties and fees may also be incurred.

It is also important that shippers are aware that depending on Venezuela Customs' interpretation of the new regulations, or possible additions to this new customs statute, any or all of the above details may change with little or no prior notice.

For details of the SENCAMER Permit, click on http://www.sencamer.gob.ve/

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