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  • FedEx provides aid during European migrant crisis

FedEx provides aid during European migrant crisis

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Europe is as unique culturally as it is geographically, and the makeup of FedEx team members in Europe is no different. Alongside that diversity comes a common respect for cultural differences, as well as a desire to collaborate in the communities where we live and work.

We at FedEx are compelled to play our part in the continuing crisis that the International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC) estimates has led to more than 744,000 refugees and migrants arriving in Europe since the beginning of 2015. Our global network serves over fifty countries in Europe and Middle East alone, with more than 16,000 team members in the region, so as this situation evolves it will touch each of them and their families in some way.

That’s why at the end of September FedEx pledged $1 million of aid in response to the crisis. Over the next two years, this money will help the IFRC and Red Crescent Societies whose members work on the front-lines in Italy, Greece, Austria, Serbia and Macedonia, among other countries. FedEx has also shipped 24 pallets of essential medical supplies into Athens for International Medical Corps, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) delivering emergency healthcare to those arriving on the Greek Islands, and we continue to talk to other European NGOs on where our resources can have the most impact going forward.

FedEx is a global company committed to serving local communities in Europe and beyond. Working with our partner agencies, we’re committed to not only offering relief during the current crisis but also helping to support and develop Europe and its diverse nations in the long term. See more information on what we’re doing to help.

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