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  • Time to plan your gift shipping!

Time to plan your gift shipping!

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There’s all your normal business to get through before the year end - but you also need to make sure that all your seasonal gifts will arrive at just the right time.

Here are a few simple tips and practical advice on how to keep your customers happy this holiday season:

  • You and your colleagues can check the exact opening hours of your FedEx location over Christmas and the New Year to avoid any last minute rushes;
  • Check the last drop-off dates at your FedEx location for your packages plus last shipping dates for all your destinations to ensure their timely and trouble-free dispatch;
  • Get our expert advice on the best way to pack and ship your gifts so that they’ll be protected every step of the way;
  • We can even provide the FedEx packaging you need – see full details of what’s available and find the packaging you need and then place your order online;
  • Even the best plans can go wrong – e.g. an intended recipient may have joined another company, or you may not have been notified of an address change – so make sure that returns are processed quickly and efficiently by using our return shipping solutions.

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