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Build your export business in Europe

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Many signs show that the European economy really is on the road to recovery.

Just look at a few statistics:

  • Economic productivity in the UK continues to rise, with manufacturing up by 2% compared to 2013
  • Spain’s total figure for employment is at its highest level since the financial crisis began in 2008

EU's global foreign trade also continues to grow; here are only 2 of many other examples:

  • EU-U.S. trade climbed to $787 billion in 2013, double the level of 2000
  • China and the EU form the second largest economic partnership in the world. China is EU's biggest source of imports by far, while EU exports to China have nearly doubled in the past five years to reach €148 billion in 2013

We’ve been investing throughout the recession and are in a stronger position than ever to help you grow your business.

Over the past two and a half years we've doubled the number of our locations, our acquisitions of Opek (now FedEx Express Polska) and Tatex (now FedEx Express France) provide us with an extensive domestic presence in both countries. These acquisitions have helped us to increase our road fleet by 2,500 new vehicles, and we've added more than 3,600 new team members. We now provide domestic services across 13 European countries. All of this means we are closer to you, giving you even easier, quicker access to 95% of the world’s GDP within 72 hours.

There's no better example than Spain, with weak domestic demand, and a surplus in labour supply, Spanish businesses have been able to control production costs while being forced to target external markets as a source of growth. We recognized these trends from our Spanish customers and responded by increasing our capabilities in Spain where we opened 8 new stations, offering Spanish business local expertise and local access to global markets through the FedEx network that serves 220 countries and territories worldwide. A strong example of a Spanish SME tapping into our global network is the story of "Gaston Y Daniela" (click to watch the video), a high-end interior decorating company from Bilbao. Founded in 19th century, this small traditional family business wanted to grow beyond Spain and into new emerging markets in the Middle East and Asia. Now they are shipping to over 40 countries worldwide after we helped them with our shipping solutions and local expertise.

A great example of how we've helped a customer turn a part-time hobby into an international business is "GermanPlates" (click to watch the video) - a German license plate manufacturer who started in 2002. FedEx provided a range of tools for GermanPlates founder Christian Kleinschmidt to access a wide global market – from tracking and printing to user-friendly customs clearance solutions.

Our growth period in Europe couldn't have been better timed, with the opening of our 100th new station since October 2011 coinciding with the publication of a series of positive economic indicators for the region. So we're ready and waiting to help you explore and develop new business opportunities in Europe and all over the world.

How can we help you reach global markets? Talk to our experts about your export projects directly at 1800 535 800

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