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  • FedEx supports your business growth in the Nordics

FedEx supports your business growth in the Nordics

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We’ve just held a roof-topping ceremony on the site of our new gateway facility at Copenhagen Airport, Denmark, to celebrate the completion of the 8,000m² external structure.

The next stage will involve the installation and testing of a state-of-the-art automated sorting system, representing an investment of approximately € 4m, ready for the official opening of the gateway in time to help our customers in Denmark and Southern Sweden to boost their cross-border business during the busy peak shipping season at the end of 2015.

Once the facility is open, approximately 120 FedEx team members will work there, with 360m of sort belt where 11,500 packages per day will be processed. The system will also include a state-of-the-art cross belt loop sorter which will use a combination of brushless motors to power the belts and electricity-generating wheels which help capture the energy. These two elements taken together will also reduce friction and heat, meaning that up to 90% of the kinetic energy can be stored and turned back into electricity. The facility will also incorporate areas for “Dangerous Goods” and Cold Storage.

In line with our corporate strategy of involvement with local communities and support schemes FedEx has also enlisted the help of a local social enterprise, Incita, which helps people to return to the job market after they have had to stop working or leave their jobs due to illness or disability in particular. Fifteen Incita employees are now in the process of producing 5,000 packages of all shapes and sizes, which will be used to test and fully optimise the new automated sort system.

For updates on progress and all other information about the new facility visit news.fedex.com.

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