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  • New restrictions on Venezuela imports

New restrictions on Venezuela imports

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The new customs regulations implemented by the Venezuelan authorities in January have resulted in extensive clearing delays.

As a result of these continuing problems all of the following shipments are suspended and will remain so until further notice:

  • formal entry shipments i.e. those with a customs value over USD 2,000 shipped using any FedEx service
  • and all of the following imports regardless of their customs value:
    • International Priority Broker Select Option (IPBSO) shipments
    • Airport to Airport (ATA) shipments
    • International Express Freight (IXF) shipments
    • Any shipment traveling on a FedEx IATA (023) Air Waybill

Please note, though, that these temporary suspensions do not apply to consignments with a customs value below or equal to USD 2,000 unless they are shipped using one of the FedEx services listed above.

In the meantime we continue to monitor the situation.

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