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  • FedEx flies robot from Poland to Canada

FedEx flies robot from Poland to Canada

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For the very first time since its foundation a Polish team has just participated in the prestigious FIRST Robotics Competition, an annual robot construction competition for high school students worldwide.

The competition combines the need to show scientific rigour and a solid understanding of modern technologies with the excitement of sport. This year’s contest involved over 78,000 students aged between fourteen and eighteen, making up more than 3,100 teams from all over the world. After the preliminary stages, in which each team was given just six weeks to design and build a robot to complete specific tasks, those teams with the best robots were chosen to go on to the next stages of the competition.

Spice Gears, a group of young engineering talents from Krasnik, was the only European team to qualify for the finals. Following their success in the qualifying rounds FedEx was delighted to provide them with express global logistics expertise to handle, ship and deliver their robot safe and sound to the finals in Canada.

The Polish team was one of just fifty-two from all the many thousands who had first entered the competition. And apart from the reward of being recognised as amongst the best in the world the young students from Krasnik also had the great opportunity to learn something about Canada from their friendly hosts.

What an adventure!

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