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  • Enjoy full shipping visibility and control with FedEx Administration

Enjoy full shipping visibility and control with FedEx Administration

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Our new FedEx Administration system makes the planning and management of your shipping simple, fast and efficient.

Whether you’re a large company, a small to medium-sized enterprise or just a personal user of FedEx shipping services, you’ll really enjoy the many business advantages you’ll gain when you make use of our easy-to-use online FedEx Administration tool. It allows you to:

  • manage your account(s) online;
  • control exactly who can order a shipment on your behalf;
  • view your shipment activity across any and all of the accounts that you use;
  • set your own shipping defaults to ensure strict control of shipping costs;
  • create shipment profiles to accelerate your shipping procedures;
  • share your address book with whoever you want to.

What’s more, by redesigning all the landing pages on the site we’ve now made it even easier for you to research, access, review and use key information.

So make sure that you and your colleagues take advantage of all the user-friendly features that you’ll find when you use FedEx Administration to plan, manage and monitor your shipments.

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