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  • Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Saving Time

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On Sunday October 30 2016 the European Daylight Saving Time (DST or ‘Summertime’) will end and we will change our clocks ‘back’ by one hour. The US and Canada will not make this change until Sunday 6 November 2016.

In order to maintain our excellent service to the US we will be making changes to our flight schedule.

This will impact our FedEx Express service which may require an earlier cut-off time for booking collections between Tuesday 1 November 2016 and Friday 4 November 2016 inclusive. Please note Monday 31 October is a Bank Holiday.

Your regular courier will be advising you near the time if there are any changes affecting you during this period.

For further information please contact Customer Services on 1800 535 800.

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