September/October 2016

  • US introduces new regulations for reimports

US introduces new regulations for reimports

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Important changes to the rules concerning goods and articles that are imported into the US after having been repaired, altered, processed or otherwise changed in condition abroad have recently been introduced.

They all concern amendments to the Chapter 98 codes of the US Harmonised Tariff Schedule, and are designed to modernise and simplify the way in which entries for such goods should be filed and then treated by US customs.

The following modifications to Section 904 of the Tariff Schedule are of particular importance:

  • All fungible articles exported from the US for repair, alteration, processing and other relevant changes in condition and then imported into the US can be commingled on the same customs entry.
  • The origin, value, and classification of all such fungible articles may be accounted for using an inventory management method based on generally accepted accounting principles so long as the same system is used for any other articles to which an importer claims fungibility.
  • A new heading has been created allowing for the duty-free treatment of certain items of US government property returned to the United States either by the US government itself or by a US government contractor.

Full details of all these changes can be found on the US Customs website.

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