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  • Keep abreast of market trends with ACCESS!

Keep abreast of market trends with ACCESS!

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Discover the 2016 Access 25 – a list of twenty-five people, places and ideas defining global connectivity. This year’s list reveals three economic megatrends that focus on the ways mobility is reshaping the world:

  • mobility is empowering people as consumers and as part of a global workforce - thanks to mobility, experts can collaborate and consumers can shop from anywhere, even in the most remote corners of the world;
  • mobility is fueling innovation - from robotic exoskeletons to crisis-relief mapping to the continuous rise of cities such as Dubai, it’s bringing dramatic change to nearly every industry;
  • mobility is an agent for societal change - access to healthcare, education, the arts and more is improving the infrastructure of our world in every imaginable way.

Access also explores what greater connectivity means for the world and how technology can drive change. To take just one example, the number of smart phones in use in France rose from 46 million in 2009 to 54 million in 2015, whilst in Germany during the same period the increase was from 62 million to almost 70 million. Worldwide, smart phone numbers are set to reach 2 billion this year and an astounding 6 billion by 2020. It’s therefore not surprising that this extraordinary rate of increase in the use of mobile phones is predicted to generate worldwide sales of $2 trillion by 2017. In short, mobility of all kinds is leading to the real transformational changes - personal, logistical and social – that are critical to e-commerce.

As well as featuring the meteoric rise of Dubai, the current issue of Access also delivers perspectives from thought leaders around the world, including exclusive interviews with Margo Georgiadis, Google’s president of Americas Operations, and Ava DuVernay, the award-winning writer, director and filmmaker.

Access is free, it’s jam-packed with fascinating facts and insights about global trends and developments, and you can get it in print form or online – so visit and subscribe to Access now!

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