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  • Australia introduces important new biosecurity legislation

Australia introduces important new biosecurity legislation

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Important changes to Australia's biosecurity system recently came into effect, where the Biosecurity Act 2015 replaced the long-established Quarantine Act 1908.

This new legislation involves many procedure changes required by the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources to regulate and control the biosecurity risks of goods, people and conveyances entering the country.

108 years of existing quarantine regulations cannot be erased overnight, so the Biosecurity Consequential Amendments and Transitional Provisions Act 2015 is intended to ensure a smooth transition for importers and other stakeholders to the new operating environment by means of incremental adjustments to the previous quarantine procedures.

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has also developed links to the following web pages that provide detailed information and advice on how the new regulations will affect five key industry sectors:

For example, the pages relating to importers, brokers and the cargo industry include amongst many other matters information and advice on:

  • the change in the jurisdiction from 200 to 12 nautical miles;
  • the assessment and management of biosecurity risks;
  • the definition of “ goods “ under the Biosecurity Act (including prohibited, conditionally non-prohibited and suspended goods);
  • import permits;
  • packing requirements;
  • permitted ports of entry;
  • unloading and checking goods;
  • post-entry quarantine management and requirements;
  • compliance and enforcement.

You can also undertake the comprehensive online interactive learning package about the Biosecurity Act. To make sure you receive all the latest information about the Biosecurity Act and supporting practices and procedures, you can subscribe to the biosecurity legislation distribution list or email New Biosecurity Legislation.

For more information, please reach our customer service desk in Australia 61-13-26-10.

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