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  • Polish guitar manufacturer rocks the world

Polish guitar manufacturer rocks the world

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Mayones Guitars & Basses first began to manufacture electric guitars in the early 1980s. As it was the case with many other sought-after products during the Cold War, electric guitars weren’t officially available for sale in Poland.

So Mayones seized the opportunity to start making guitars for the domestic market, and as word of mouth spread musicians began to travel to Gdańsk from all across Poland to buy these unique instruments, sometimes taking as much as two days to make the journey.

Today, over thirty years later, several thousand guitars leave the Gdańsk workshop each year, and because of the care, skill and craftsmanship involved in their manufacture, musicians really love to play these instruments. Thanks to the extensive logistics network and high quality shipping services of FedEx, Mayones Guitars & Basses are able to reach their markets with their products, enjoying the timely delivery of their products ready for use by the purchaser, which is particularly important in the case of such an exceptional, individual product as a guitar.

See the video and learn more about this great business adventure.

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