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  • Think above and beyond price to gain extra sales

Think above and beyond price to gain extra sales

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Today’s savvy consumers are quick to make purchasing decisions based on the price of a product or service they’ve found online. That presents a real challenge to small businesses that have to compete with e-commerce giants and their comparably low pricing.

However, the lowest price doesn’t necessarily result in a sale. That’s because every interaction with your brand, from your website to your packaging, gives you an opportunity to deliver an outstanding customer experience. So take a moment to look at these simple, practical ideas to help you deliver really good value to your customers:

From conversation to conversion

Customers are increasingly communicating through consumer-generated messages. Here’s why you should encourage your customers to engage with your brand via product reviews and social media*:

  • Increase loyalty. Giving your customers a voice really helps to deepen their relationship with your brand.
  • Gain new customers. Shoppers are 97% more likely to make a purchase if they can interact with content provided by their fellow consumers.
  • Benefit from positive influencers. Information about your services and products that your customers can obtain from others will provide them with truly authentic opinions – and it may also provide immediate answers to questions you haven’t even anticipated.
  • Generate more customer reviews. Just asking your customers to provide these can really help you to improve your products and customer service and increase your sales.

Tip: if you receive a negative review, don’t hide it – make sure you use it to help you work out how to make improvements.

Create a memorable customer experience

Online shoppers want a personal connection with the e-commerce company they’re doing business with, so it’s always very important that you fully consider the needs and wants of your target audience when deciding what works best for them and you:

  • Supplement your customers’ purchases by creating tip cards with different ways to use the product, or provide a link to a how-to video.
  • Offer free gift wrapping and a personalised message for the recipient.
  • Include a thank-you note and coupon with each first order – that turns a discount into a reward.
  • Provide a free sample of a new product to help repeat customers feel like they’re insiders.
  • Offer free shipping year-round, as a seasonal or limited-time perk, or to first-time shoppers - 9 out of 10 customers say free shipping is the biggest incentive to encourage them to shop online more often**.

Optimise client loyalty, encourage repeat orders and increase your sales!

*”Consumer-generated content helps drive online sales.” Business Insider, May 4, 2016.
**Gesenhues, Amy. “Retail study: 9 out of 10 consumers say free shipping No. 1 incentive to shop online more.” Marketing Land, June 9, 2016.

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