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These tools make shipping easy

Whether you need to ship immediately, or you’re a frequent shipper with complex needs — it’s all here. We also offer a range of integrated offline software tools, contact us for more information.

When simplicity is all you need

Shipping a one-piece shipment? Get it out the door in four easy steps.

Access FedEx Ship Manager Lite


  Pay with a FedEx Account or by credit card   Ship one piece shipments below 68KG
  Prepare waybills, commercial or pro forma invoices    Ship on the go via your mobile or tablet
  Schedule a pickup

  • No Dangerous Goods/Hazardous shipping
  • No multiple piece shipping
  • No alcohol shipping
  • No international shipping for an item with declared value over $2,500USD
  • Items shipped with an export license/permit
  • When Terms of Sale or Importer of Record need to be changed
  • Items subject to International Traffic in Arms (ITAR).
  • No freight shipping so nothing over 68kg

Multi-Piece, Heavy or Speciality Shipments

Multipiece, heavy or specialty shipments need extra attention and control. That’s where FedEx Ship Manager® at fedex.com comes in. Free and web-based, this is the perfect tool for high-volume FedEx account holders.

Enterprise-class benefits:

  • Access everything from an all-in-one online application
  • Ship Dangerous Goods or shipments that require Dry Ice
  • Save time through customizable features such as shipment preferences, a large address book and shipment profiles allowing you to ship in a few clicks
  • Leverage FedEx® Administration giving you control over multiple users and shipping privileges
  • Prepare freight and return shipments, book a courier and prepare waybills, commercial or pro forma invoices

Get access


  Ship Multiple-Piece shipments – up to 25 packages at the same time   Ship heavy items
  Prepare waybills, commercial or pro forma invoices    Prepare return shipments
  Schedule a Pickup   Import Shipping

Offline tools for high-volume shippers

Integrate your in-house shipping solutions with FedEx Ship Manager Software and FedEx Ship Manager Server, tools engineered for professional use.

Contact us for more information on these tools

Advanced system integration tools for developers

Get access to the development tools, sample code, documentation and more you need to successfully integrate FedEx functionality into your application, website or internal systems.

Visit the developer resource center


Choose your perfect shipping service

Get all the information you need to make the smart choice when selecting what FedEx shipping service is right for your needs.

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Grow your business with FedEx. Learn more with shipping stories, tips and tools.

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  • Grow your business with FedEx. Learn more with shipping stories, tips and tools.