FedEx Ship Manager™ Software Critical Update

Upgrade to Version 8 (for Version 5 or below)

Please follow the below steps to upgrade your FedEx Ship Manager Software to Version 8.

If you are running FedEx Shipping Software on a company network with a shared database, please contact FedEx Technical Support for assistance.

  1. Launch FedEx Ship Manager Software with the Windows START button by clicking START and selecting PROGRAMS | FEDEX SHIP MANAGER | FEDEX SHIP MANAGER SOFTWARE.

  1. Select Database Backup from the Setup menu. The Database Backup screen will appear.

    *If your software version is FWST07xx, please backup your database by copying the files "fdxworld.db" and "FDXWORLD.txt" in the directory C:\Program Files\FSM Software\data folder to your Desktop or specified folder.

  • FSM Software installation - Database Backup

  1. Click “BACKUP” to perform a backup of your shipping data to the default backup location.

    Note: It is not possible to use the FedEx Ship Manager Software to ship while executing a backup.

  1. Close your FedEx Ship Manager Software. Download FedEx Ship Manager Software Version 8 (GSMW0860) and save this to your Desktop.

    File size: 143MB
    Estimated download time*: 10-15 Minutes
    *Assuming an internet connection speed of 2Mbps (E1, ISDN-32)

  1. Run GSMW0860 setup file from your Desktop.

  1. Follow the on-screen instructions to start the new version upgrade.

  1. Select the language for installation and click “OK”.

  • FSM Software installation - Language Selection

  1. Click “Yes” to upgrade to the new version.

  • FSM Software installation - Upgrade Confirmation

  1. Click “Next” to start the installation.

  • FSM Software installation - Click Next to start

  1. Read and accept the terms in the license agreement. Click “Yes” as a Declaration of Consent and then click “Next”.

  • FSM Software installation - Accept License agreement

  1. Input your organization name, and click “Next”.

  • FSM Software installation - Input customer info

  1. Select “Typical” and click “Next”.

  • FSM Software installation - Install setup type

  1. Click “Install” to start installation.

  • FSM Software installation - Install ready

  1. Click “Finish” when the installation completes.

  • FSM Software installation - Install complete

If you have installed FedEx Ship Manager (FSM) software on more than one computer, please repeat the above steps to upgrade the software on each computer.