What is FedEx® Quick Form ?

Looks similar to handwritten Air Waybill. With just a few clicks you can generate a new shipping label using pre-saved information!


  1. Simple
    Just four easy steps: register, save, ship, print. It’s easy to master.
  2. Saves Time
    FedEx® Quick Form saves your previous shipping information as a profile. This can be used for subsequent shipments, speeding up repetitive Air Waybill preparation. FedEx® Quick Form also facilitates fast and efficient data entry.
  3. Accurate
    Compared with handwritten Air Waybills, FedEx® Quick Form improves accuracy of data entry.
  4. No Learning Time
    Layout design similar to a handwritten Air Waybill.
  5. Supports a Decentralized Work Environment
    Share the FedEx® Quick Form with warehouse or shipping colleagues.
  6. Works with low Internet bandwidth
  7. No installation required


1. Save as a shipment profile for future use

2. Save a shipping label for future reference

3. Ship less than 10 packages (up to 68kg) per shipment

4. Supports 10 future-day shipment preparation

If you need more advanced functions, try FedEx Ship Manager™ at fedex.com

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