Packaging Tips

  • FedEx Wallis and Futuna Packaging Tips

Packaging Tips

Proper packing, sealing and labeling help ensure that your shipments will arrive on time and in good condition. FedEx provides you with the tips and tools you need to prepare your packages.

Identifying Dangerous Goods

Declaring dangerous goods is important. Click here to learn how to protect your shipment and yourself by identifying dangerous goods and properly packing and preparing every shipment.


Pack Like a Pro

We understand. You want to get your shipment safely to its destination in the same condition it was sent. You can do your part by reviewing our tips on how to pack and following our detailed packaging guidelines. Click here to download our packing guide.


Packing Lithium Batteries

To ensure your battery shipments are transported efficiently, having proper packaging is very important. Click here to download details and guidelines on preparing and packing lithium battery shipments.


Shipping Dry Ice

To view detailed packaging guidelines and FedEx best practices for shipping Dry Ice, please click here.