Special Handling Options

FedEx adds convenience to your shipping with a range of options you can request in addition to your basic FedEx Express service. Use these options for special shipping circumstances, or to specify certain handling or billing for your shipments.

Pickup - To schedule a pickup from your premises, contact your nearest FedEx locations in Bangladesh or call 9565114. This service is available in Dhaka and Chittagong, Khulna,Comilla and Sylhet metropolitan areas.

Dropoff - Find the dropoff location nearest you.

Saturday Services - Pickup or dropoff your shipment on a Saturday.

Hold at FedEx Locations - Have us hold your shipment until you're ready to pick it up.

Special Shipments - Certain materials may require special handling.

Please contact us for more information on service availability from your location.

FedEx Saturday Services

You can now pick up or drop off your shipments at our main offices in Bangladesh. We also deliver on Saturdays.  

- Arrange Saturday pickup for Monday delivery to the US and Western Europe
- Saturday pickup at 1600
- Saturday dropoff from 0800 to 1300
- Saturday delivery to residential and commercial addresses

Hold at FedEx Location Service

Use this option if you need your package earlier than the scheduled delivery time, or if you won't be available to receive a delivery.

To request it, mark the "Hold at FedEx location" box on the FedEx Air Waybill and write the recipient street address and phone number on the air waybill.

This service option is available at selected locations; please contact our Customer Service for details.

FedEx Special Shipments

Helpful Resources for Special Shipments


The world of FedEx covers a broad spectrum of shipping services. There are a number of shipments that require special care or that may not be accepted by FedEx, or by the importing or exporting countries. Please contact us for more information.
Materials listed below may require special handling, or may not be accepted:

- Dangerous Goods: A number of items fall under this category such as aerosol sprays, airbags, ammunition, butane, car batteries, cologne, dry ice, fireworks, etc. These items are not allowed for shipment to or from Bangladesh.  

- Live Animals: Live animals are not allowed for shipment to or from Bangladesh.

- Perishable Goods: This category includes foods and beverages that require refrigeration or other environmental control. These items are not allowed for shipment to or from Bangladesh.

- Human Body Parts: Human body parts are not allowed for shipment to or from Bangladesh.

- Explosives: This is considered a Dangerous Goods item. Dangerous Goods items are prohibited for shipment to or from Bangladesh.

- Money: This category includes any currency, both paper money and coins. These items are not allowed for shipment to or from Bangladesh.

- Liquor: This includes any alcoholic beverage for human consumption. Liquor is prohibited for shipment to or from Bangladesh.