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Value Added Tax

Value Added Tax


The Kingdom of Bahrain has published its Value Added Tax (VAT) Law - the Decree-Law No. (48) of 2018, confirming that VAT will be implemented in Bahrain on January 1, 2019.

As per Article 38 of the VAT Law, FedEx will be required to issue tax compliant invoices to the recipients of its services. To ensure that invoices include your correct details and, most importantly, your correct Tax Registration Number (TRN), FedEx Express has started the process of collecting VAT information. Please download, fill, attach the template and send it to along with a copy of the tax registration certificate.

Fill the following information in the template:

  • A list of your FedEx shipping account numbers and the corresponding Tax Registration Number for each account.
  • The details of your registered office address as mentioned in your Tax Registration Certificate. FedEx will raise invoices with this address only.
  • Attach a copy of the Tax Registration Certificate (if available).

Please note:

  • FedEx will consider all Tax Registration details sent only to
  • If you have not received your Tax Registration Certificate, please provide us a copy when you receive it.
  • FedEx is in the process of updating its information technology systems to make necessary provisions to incorporate VAT requirements. A delay in invoicing may occur in January 2019.
  • Please email any questions to:

FedEx VAT details

FedEx Tax Registration details:

Name of the entity: Federal Express International Inc. – Bahrain Branch

Registered Address: 6, Building 18, Road 30, Block 224, Muharraq Town, Manama, Bahrain PO Box 2565

Tax Registration Number: <This field will be updated once FedEx receives its Tax Registration Number>

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