Give your customers control over their deliveries

Give your customers control over their deliveries

Give your customers control over their deliveries

Take control of home deliveries

Take control of home deliveries

Want to take your business to the next level? Offering a little more delight to your customers could be the key to success.

How many times have your customers found themselves coming home for a missed delivery or rearranged schedule to wait at home for an important package? Customers expect a smooth experience whenever they make a purchase. And the more flexibility and convenience you can offer, the more likely they are to come back - and tell others about the great experience they’ve had.

Becoming the king of convenience
At FedEx, we’ve come up with a few ways to help you give customers a delivery experience they’ll love. When you choose FedEx® Delivery Manager, your customers can reschedule their delivery if you miss them on the first attempt, at no extra cost. That might mean shipping to another address, to a neighbor, or on a future date. It’s a great way to respect customers’ busy schedules and give them the control they need.



Making customer service a success
Here’s how Delivery Manager works:

  • When your shipment is ready for delivery, your customer will receive notifications with a link to a secure portal. From there, they can choose from a variety of delivery options to suit their current needs.

  • Whatever option they choose, we’ll send a notification to you via email and/or SMS - including the planned day of delivery.

  • If the proposed date isn’t convenient, the recipient can request a change of the planned delivery date and/or location through the delivery notification.

  • We’ll confirm those changes via an email and/or SMS to the recipient.

  • On the day of the delivery, the recipient will be reminded that the shipment is on its way for delivery. And if for some reason they can’t receive the shipment, they’ll have a chance to reschedule it afterwards.

*Only shippers can initiate the FedEx️ Delivery Manager service for recipients at this time

Fitting into your customers’ lives
eCommerce is all about convenience. The more flexibility and control you give your customers, the more they’ll appreciate buying from you. With our broad range of delivery services, we can help your small business meet your customers’ changing needs.

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