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FedEx Ship Manager® Software

FedEx Ship Manager® Software





Improve Efficiency, Reduce Errors and Minimize Shipping Paperwork With FedEx Ship Manager® Software

FedEx Ship Manager® Software is a new cutting edge tool for managing all your FedEx shipments. It’s fast, easy to use and takes only minutes to install. FedEx Ship Manager® Software stores all your important addresses so you can create professional looking shipping labels quickly. Our software even creates customs documents for international shipping. If you like you can even have the software automatically send an email when the shipment has been sent, delivered, or delayed.


No need to type and retype shipping information. We make shipping fast and easy by storing important shipment information like Sender and Recipient addresses. You can also save common box dimensions and commodity information for international shipping.

FedEx ShipAlert® proof of delivery (POD) email notification

Creates shipment, delivery, and package delay email notifications for you or anyone you choose.

Obtain estimated Rates and Transit Times

Get a rate quote and see transit times for the different FedEx services.

Creates Customs documentation

Automatically create customs documentation like the Commercial Invoice. You can even use your own logo. You can create your own customs documentation if you prefer and we can submit them to customs electronically for free!

Creates clear professional looking shipping labels

Hand written paper Air Waybills can be hard to read. Shipping labels created by FedEx Ship Manager® Software are always legible and professional looking.


Track your shipments and even download the signature of the person who received it.

Schedule a pickup

No regular pickup? No problem. Forget the phone and use the Schedule a Pickup feature.

Create customizable reports

Need a report that shows who shipped what to where? Build reports that contains the information you need.

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