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Passport return service

Now you can choose FedEx to receive your passport back from the U.S. Embassy. At the applicant’s U.S. Visa interview, the applicant must provide to the U.S. Embassy a pre-paid FedEx Air Waybill together with the completed application package.  

You can obtain an Intra-Bahamas pre-paid Air Waybill by visiting a FedEx Ship Center and completing the following steps:

1.   Complete a paper Air Waybill

    a.    In the “Sender” section, please fill in the U.S. Embassy address

    b.   In the “Recipient” section, add the address where you would like to receive your passport and/or visa. You may choose to pick-up at a FedEx location by selecting “Hold at FedEx location”

2.   Provide the completed Air Waybill to the Sevice Agent and request a pre-paid Air Waybill for Intra-Bahamas service.

3.   Pay your shipment via credit card, debit card or cash at the FedEx Ship Center counter.

    a.    Within New Providence: US$11.20

    b.   Grand Bahama and Family Islands: US$11.20 + US$28.10 ODA* surcharge 

Remember to include your pre-paid Air Waybill in your U.S. Visa application package. You will be able to track your shipment once the label has been created.

If you have any questions, please contact us

*Outside of Delivery Area