Value and Savings: 7 Ways a Small Business Can Stay On Budget and Save with FedEx

Value and Savings: 7 Ways a Small Business Can Stay On Budget and Save with FedEx

Here are 7 simple tips to help you get the most value out of shipping with FedEx:

1.  Open a business account and always log in for discounted shipments

Just opening an account gets you multiple discounts. It’s easy and free.

Make sure your whole team knows to sign into the account to ship. We talked to customers, and it’s one of the most common mistakes people make. Teams try to save time by not signing in, so their discounts aren’t applied to their shipping cost.

2.  Choose the most cost-effective shipping options for your needs

FedEx has options for pretty much any shipping scenario and budget. When you have more time, day-definite shipping service is more economical than time-definite service. Check the transit maps to see how far you can go. Check rates now with our rating tools.

3.  Pay attention to fees

Find out in advance which fees and surcharges apply to your shipments to help you avoid unexpected charges. And provide accurate declared value estimates on your shipping documentation.

4.  Use drop-off options to avoid pickup charges

Along with saving you money, later drop-offs can save the day for all your last-minute shipments. Find your nearest drop-off location.

5.  Use FedEx software to avoid address errors

Manage your shipping online using FedEx Ship Manager®. You can create shipping labels using your customized online address book, request a rate quote, and check transit times. The software even verifies addresses for you.

6.  Package your shipments efficiently to reduce cost

If you’re shipping a package, your shipping rate can be affected by the package’s dim weight. “Dim” is shorthand for dimensional. The cost of shipping a package in many cases depends on how much space it takes up in a truck or airplane.

A truckload of pillows costs more to ship than a pallet of bricks. This is because the pallet takes up less space, and the truck can be filled with hundreds of other packages. Why should you care about this when it comes to packaging? Because efficient packaging protects your shipment without taking up any extra space, so you get the lowest rate possible.

Another helpful tip: don’t assume the original packaging is enough. If you’re buying products for redistribution, keep the following in mind. The products may be packaged in bulk and shipped safely enough to you on pallets. But once off the pallet, single boxes may not withstand the rigors of transport. Use our Packaging Help Hub to evaluate your packaging. And find other tips for how packaging can help you reduce damages and save on shipping.