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One rate for simple pricing

One rate for simple pricing

Simplified pricing to help keep your business moving.

Simplified pricing to help keep your business moving.

The benefits of shipping with us

Register for a FedEx account now and enjoy clear, transparent charges for eligible shipments anywhere in each region.* You'll benefit from:

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Flat rates throughout each region

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40% off list rates*

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Same cost for export and import


Special offer! €25 envelopes to the Americas

Sign up now and save 40%

Whether you are a business or an individual, register with a credit card, save 40% and ship instantly.* Until the end of January 2021, you will also benefit from a special €25 flat rate to the Americas for envelopes up to 500g.

FedEx One Rate map

FedEx International Priority

Package Types Weight (KG) Zone D - Europe 1 Zone A -Americas Zone C - 
Middle East, Africa & Europe 2
Zone B -Asia Pacific
XS 500g and below €32.90 €25
€61.90 €62.90
S up to 5 kg €44.70 €95.60 €107.40 €108.40
M up to 10 kg €88.70 €130.40 €155.60 €156.60
L up to 15.5 kg €111.30 €206.00 €215.50 €216.50
XL >15.5 kg €9.50/kg €16.00/kg €22.90/kg €23.00/kg

One Rate Information

The One Rate discount pricing shown above is effective from 1st July 2020, subject to *terms and conditions. Access the full One Rate list rates and zone charts here.