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Payment options

Payment options

Make payments to FedEx via wire transfer from your local bank

Send us an email to within the first 24 hours of making a payment with the following information:

  1. Payment confirmation
  2. List of invoice numbers paid
  3. FedEx account number
  4. Account holder name

Note: Our FedEx systems can take up to 72 hours for payments to be reflected on your statement of account. To request your statement of account contact us at

Payment via wire transfer in Guadeloupe with Euro (EUR)

Beneficiary Name Federal Express Antilles 
Beneficiary Address Immeuble Orlando 39 Rue Ferdinand Forest 97122 Baie Mahault
Bank Branch Espace Enterprise 
Code Banque 14006
Code Guichet 00000
Numéro de compte 48698415002
Clé RIB 66
IBAN FR76 1400 6000 0048 6984 1500 266

For general questions and claims, please contact