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Customized packaging design reduces size and weight for future shipments

Through their Phigenics Validation Test (PVT), Phigenics delivers Legionella testing. This helps facility water management teams prevent disease related to waterborne pathogens. Their TimeZero test is distributed throughout the globe and has helped make them a leader in the water management industry since their inception in 2004.

In 2014, Phigenics found themselves at a crossroads of sorts with their packaging. It was announced that shipping carriers were going to start using dimensional weight, also known as dim weight, as a key factor in determining shipping costs. Without a shipping expert on staff, this independent water management company knew they needed to modify their packaging, but they needed guidance.

“Our clients are not paying us for the packaging; they’re paying us for the accurate data points our product provides.”

Adapting to change

The first step they took was to reach out to their FedEx account executive for help. “Because this was the first time in eight years that we changed our packaging design, we needed to rely on FedEx for their feedback and expertise,” said Kellen Utecht, Director of Sustainability and Market Development for Phigenics. “Our clients are not paying us for the packaging; they’re paying us for the accurate data points our product provides, and they can only get that data if everything is packaged correctly and our product is delivered in perfect condition.”


A photo of a man packing Phigenics products in custom-cut foam

Together, Phigenics and FedEx came up with a new packaging solution that would turn out to be a game-changer for Phigenics. The FedEx Packaging Field Engineer nearest to Phigenics was brought in to help, and after consulting closely with Phigenics, FedEx recommended a solution that involved both new customized packing materials, as well as a new custom-designed box.

Not only would this help reduce the size and weight of future shipments, but the new packing – custom-cut foam – would provide a snug and highly protective fit for the fragile tubes being shipped.

forgotten. “We wouldn’t have the ability to do any of this if we didn’t have our FedEx reps to rely on,” said Utecht. “Everyone has truly acted as a dedicated member of the Phigenics team.”


In short, the increased efficiencies were tremendous ­on all fronts. By creating packaging that was lighter and smaller, Phigenics experienced a significant overall reduction in shipping costs. They also reduced their environmental footprint, increased brand awareness, and enhanced customer satisfaction. And they have more room in their warehouse now that their packaging takes up less space.

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