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Terms and Conditions: FedEx-JMEA Members’ Discount Program

These Terms and Conditions apply to the FedEx-JMEA Members’ Discount Program (the “Discount Program”). This Discount Program is only valid in Jamaica for JMEA members (“Program Members”) for international shipments to/from Jamaica as set out below.

1. Description: The Discount Program is a special program designed to help JMEA Members achieve their business goals through shipping solutions with a special discount on FedEx standard list rates. Eligible FedEx accounts may subscribe to the Discount Program from February 12, 2021 to April 2, 2021. A second subscription period will take place before the end of calendar year 2021 for those JMEA Members that joined JMEA after April 2, 2021. The dates for the second subscription period will be announced by JMEA.

2. Conditions: To be eligible for the discount, existing and new FedEx accounts must meet the following criteria:

     a. Provide satisfactory proof that the FedEx account holder has a JMEA active membership for calendar year 2021

     b. Billing address for the FedEx account is a Jamaica address

     c. FedEx account is in good standing (i.e. no past due amounts) In the event that the account has an existing discount, then the existing discount and the discount under the Discount Program cannot be combined. FedEx will apply the higher discount rate.

     d. In the event the JMEA member does not have a FedEx account, the Program Member will be invited to open one and the discount will be applied automatically to the new account.

     e. Discounts do not apply to fuel surcharges, duties and taxes, special handling fees, surcharges, ancillary or other charges.

     f. Discount has a valid period of 2 years from the time of confirmation of subscription, your FedEx Account Executive will advise you about the start date. FedEx accounts with no activity for a period of 12 consecutive months will be deactivated and lose the discount. FedEx reserves the right to immediately terminate the account if the account holder provides any inaccurate or incomplete information in relation to the account or misuses the account.

     g. Account must be used for export shipments (i.e. discount will not apply if account is solely used for imports).

3. How to subscribe: Subscription to the Discount Program is made through the designated JMEA contact, the association then forwards the potential subscribers who are active members of the association for 2021 to FedEx. The FedEx Account Executive will contact the potential subscribers provided by JMEA and assist with enrollment in the Discount Program.

4. Services: Discount applies only to the services described below from and to Jamaica to more than 220 countries and territories around the world.

     a. FedEx International Export and Import

          i. Parcel

               1. FedEx International Priority up to 150lbs

               2. FedEx International Economy up to 150lbs

          ii. Freight

               1. FedEx International Priority Freight more than 150lbs and up to 2,200lbs palletized cargo

               2. FedEx International Economy Freight more than 150lbs and up to 2,200lbs palletized cargo

5. Discount Percentage: Up to 50% off all services described above from and to Jamaica. Please contact your FedEx Account Executive for more details.

6. Modifications: FedEx may cancel or amend this Discount Program and these terms and conditions without prior notice. Any changes will be communicated to the Program Members.

7. Acceptance of terms and conditions: By subscribing to the Discount Program, the Program Member accepts these terms and conditions. The FedEx Conditions of Carriage shall apply to all shipments.