FedEx Small Business Centre

FedEx Small Business Centre

Start connecting to more people and possibilities



Start connecting to more people and possibilities



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Value and savings

In these uncertain times, it’s even more important for companies like yours to stay in business. Discover how a FedEx shipping account can benefit you.

Making it work podcast

Making it work

The Making It Work podcast lets you be a fly on the wall while savvy entrepreneurs get honest about the ups and downs of building a business.

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Expand your knowledge

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Shipping Channel

From packing to paperwork, customs clearance to country requirements, this is your go-to guide for all things shipping.

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Customs Clearance

Find comprehensive guidance to your international shipping requirement at FedEx® Global Trade Manager and Document Preparation Center.

FedEx Master Class

Trends & Business Insights

Find latest business trends and inspiration in our Business Insights Hub.

New to FedEx?

Sign up for a shipping account with a credit card for an instant 40% off our shipping rates in the first three months and up to 55% thereafter. *

Alternatively, check with our dedicated Small Business Specialists for customised pricing and enjoy 30 days credit terms.