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FedEx Supplies Request Form

FedEx Supplies Request Form

Which FedEx supplies do you need?

Which FedEx supplies do you need?

Order Supplies in Oman

Exclusively for all your FedEx shipments in United Arab Emirates, the necessary packaging is provided. With a few simple clicks and your FedEx account, you can choose from a range of easy-to-use FedEx Express air waybills, pouches, packaging and labels to fit your business needs at no cost.

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FedEx Envelope
FedEx Pak
FedEx Padded Pak
FedEx Small Box
FedEx Medium Box
FedEx Large Box
FedEx Tube
FedEx 10kg Box
FedEx 25kg Box

*10 and 25 kg box rates are not discountable. If you have customized rates please ensure this product is optimal for you.

Looking for manual Air Waybills? Try our online shipping solutions instead. Click here for more information.

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