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FedEx Ship Manager® Server

FedEx Ship Manager® Server







Benefits and Features

FedEx Ship Manager® Server is a free tool for high-volume shippers, FedEx Ship Manager® Server lets you fully integrate FedEx services into your existing IT system and shipping process, so you can streamline your supply chain and relevant data with ease. You can run FedEx Ship Manager® Server on a local client or integrate the application with your current shipping operations, bringing the power of FedEx services to your shipping station for local and worldwide deliveries.

Open Ship print-as-you-go

Keeps a shipment ‘open,’ entering information as it is received and closing only when the shipment is finalized. Labels can be printed as you create, add and edit packages.

FedEx ShipAlert® proof of delivery (POD) email notification

Generates email delivery notifications and provides them to end customers.

Standard rates

Reconciles and provides shipping rates on the day the rates are effective. Shipments can be rated with both discount and standard rates.

Auto configuration

New meters are issued when software is installed, eliminating the meter registration process.

Customized shipping information

Displays available shipping services by location.

Multiple shipments

Bundles to a single location and assigns a lower rate as available.

Activity reports

Generates daily shipping activity reports, including:

  • End-of-Day Transaction
  • Courier
  • Customer Invoice
  • Shipment

Shipping labels

Prepares labels for international and domestic shipments (where applicable).

Quick cancellation

Cancels scheduled shipments easily.

Package status tracking

Generates package tracking numbers, which can be provided to end customers.