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Healthcare Solutions

Connecting the world of care.

In the healthcare industry, it’s not enough to simply get your products there quickly. It’s getting them there on time, safely and with the utmost transparency that truly counts. That’s where FedEx® HealthCare Solutions come in. They are here to help deliver a reliable, fast and reversible supply chain to satisfy even the most dynamic global demands. Each shipping solution is also designed to meet the industry’s strict trade and regulatory requirements, ensuring your shipments move as efficiently as possible.

  • The clearest possible picture of your shipments’ status.

    With end-to-end monitoring, the precision of FedEx Tracking and on-demand interventions, FedEx HealthCare Solutions gives your business real-time knowledge that matters.

    The solutions that make insight and control possible:

    • Powerful, precise and proven online tracking with FedEx Tracking
    • Proactive updates and support with FedEx Priority Alert
    • Critical on-demand interventions with FedEx On Demand Care
    • GPS and environmental condition tracking with SenseAware and ShipmentWatch
  • Temperature controlled, each step of the way.

    Keeping your critical shipments at the proper temperature is paramount. It’s why we not only have an entire range of specialty containers, but a fleet of private temperature-controlled Boeing 777 cargo planes. Select FedEx locations worldwide are also equipped with cold storage facilities, reducing the risk of shipment contamination in case of delay.

  • Committed to quality. Every shipment. Every day.

    Get expert customs clearance assistance from a team with decades of experience navigating the dynamic and complex world of international shipping.

    We deliver quality solutions through:

    • A closed network that preserves shipment integrity from pickup to delivery
    • A team of healthcare experts that helps blueprint client-specific solutions
    • An ISO certification and a commitment to GDP
    • A facility audit, under specific circumstances
  • Customs. Simplified.

    Rely on our customs expertise to guide your shipment through the entire export or import process.

    • Specialized inbound clearance solutions
    • Dedicated documentation support for US export and import, duties and taxes and controlled shipments
    • Dedicated support for complex shipping needs, prohibited commodities, and multiple commodities and shipping lanes
    • Customizable and streamlined electronic trade documents that eliminate inefficient printing and packaging time

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