FedEx® Electronic Trade Documents Save You Time and Money

FedEx® Electronic Trade Documents Save You Time and Money

Get your goods on their way – fast and efficiently!
It takes just a moment to prepare, check and submit your Air Waybills and Commercial Invoices when you use FedEx Electronic Trade Documents – you’ll enjoy seamless customs clearance each and every time.

Get a head start on customs procedures
Prevent possible delays by submitting documents ahead of your shipment. You benefit from pre-clearance assistance and proactive problem-solving to get your goods quickly cleared.

Prepare import and export documentation in a format to suit your exact needs
Upload International trade documents in pdf, Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel and other formats or take advantage of those generated by FedEx – whichever you choose to use you’ll find it easy and quick to produce and send your shipping documents.

Incorporate your name and logo in all your shipping documents
Enhance your company branding and image by uploading your letterhead, trade mark and signature to appear on all your official import and export paperwork. You just need to upload your name and logo once.

It’s win-win when you submit your documents electronically
You save time and money by eliminating the need to print multiple copies and to manually sign, fold, stuff and despatch customs documents – and that lets you contribute to a greener world, too, because you significantly reduce your carbon imprint.

It’s so easy to start using FedEx Electronic Trade Documents – so why not get into action right away!

  • If you use, enable ETD under Preferences;
  • If you use mobile devises, it’s enabled automatically when you use the latest version;
  • If you use Web Services, our Customer Service is there to get you enabled.