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  • Benefit From FedEx Global Returns Services!

Benefit From FedEx Global Returns Services!

FedEx® Global Returns puts control of your return shipments in your hands with an automated, customs-friendly solution.

Both original and return shippers have more control over the returns process, reducing errors and creating a smoother return experience for everyone.

Benefits for you

  • You have the freedom to create return labels and customs documents at the same time as the outbound shipment or create them just for the return leg - and you can choose to send the label either as a hard copy, a PDF, or an editable online return label.
  • You can create a linked outbound and return shipment on invoices or standard return shipments.
  • Using FedEx Advanced Tracking you can enjoy complete round trip visibility of your shipment, plus enhanced monitoring of consignments yet to depart as well as those in transit.

Benefits for your customer

  • All the return shipper has to do is apply the pre-prepared label to his return shipment along with the customs documentation - it's as easy as that to have everything ready to be tendered to FedEx.
  • Several pick up options are available:
    1. drop the return off at a FedEx location
    2. schedule a pick up by calling Customer service and giving the air waybill number of the shipment
    3. include the return in your FedEx regular daily pickup
    4. schedule a pick up on FedEx Ship Manager™ at fedex.com and schedule a pickup, regardless of where you are and or where your FedEx account was opened. All you have to do is access the "From" module on FedEx Ship Manager at fedex.com and then enter the specific address and country you require to be reflected in the "Pickup/Drop-off" module.

So use FedEx Global Returns shipping services right now to keep things simple - for you and your customers.

For more information call Customer Service on 17 334448.

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