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  • Don’t Forget to Declare!

Don’t Forget to Declare!

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In order to be compliant with international regulations and customs laws, don’t forget to accurately declare the contents and value of the items in your shipment.

Why is this information important?
Shipments with false labels or undeclared items are considered to be a serious offence under international regulations and customs laws.

When tendering shipments to FedEx via pickup or drop off, filling out the documentation in an accurate manner that reflects the shipment, and as per the FedEx Terms & Conditions, will ensure that you are in compliance with these laws.

What happens if a shipment is non-compliant?
If a shipment is found to have a false label or contains undeclared items, it can either be refused or returned. FedEx is also obligated to block the shipper’s account, and is required by law to report the non-compliant shipment and its contents to local authorities. As a shipper, you may also be subject to fines and penalties imposed by local authorities or held liable to FedEx for any breach, which could result in financial, legal, or other penalties.

FedEx wants to ensure that your shipments are delivered promptly and in accordance with international regulations. Correctly declaring contents and its value enables a smoother shipping experience.

Your local FedEx representative will be happy to help make this happen.

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